About Kamal Arts Photography


At Kamal arts we capture every single moment of your fairytale wedding in the most striking and stylish fashion. We cherish these moments and capture all these emotions and ensures that it stays with you forever. We love to become a part of your family and friends and document your wedding naturally and beautifully to make it awe - inspiring and the most cherished memories for you.

We have an eye for details and it means capturing in candid as well as documentary style the emotions, Drama, story, love, ceremonies and decor. Our USP lies in adding creativity, spontaneity, hard work and dedication to your momentous occasion. Over the three decades that we have been doing this we constantly keep upgrading to the most sophisticated and latest technology to give us the best in our photography and films.

As wedding photographers we understand that each wedding is a one time affair but memories last forever. We at kamal arts capture memories for our customers. something that takes them back in time each time they look at their photographs or films ...

Services we offer

Pre-wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photo shoot is a perfect opportunity for us & the couple to get to know each other. The choice of location could be your venue or a suitable location suggested by us. Read more

Candid Photography

Candid photography is all about understanding and capturing unplanned moments and true feelings of someones emotions, cheerfullness and celebrations.
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Wedding Photography

Capturing in detail your ceremonies, how they happened & the funfilled moments, emotions of two people as they tie their knot & take their vows to be together forever. Read more

Wedding Cinematography

Our main focus is to capture your story and combine breath taking visuals with music to ensure that you relive your wedding every time you watch the film.
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